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All Smiles at the Offer Table: The first feature article of the season provides insights into how we can navigate a multiple-offer situation, whether you are on the buying or selling side. It is a timely piece, perfect for those who are looking or know someone who is looking into buying or selling in today’s hot market.

Top Home Decor Trends to Try: The second piece encourages readers to plant roots within their homes by trying out six of the season’s most popular home decor trends. The piece also features beautiful visuals that highlight some of these trends.

Increase Your Home Value With These 10 Tweaks: The third feature article encourages readers to plant roots in their homes by taking on renovation processes that can make their home a happy place today, and set them up for success if and when they decide that it is time to sell.

Coachella Valley Housing Market Update: On June 1st there were 682 units for sale compared to 2,793 units on June 1st of last year. This lack of supply continues to draw home
prices higher. Since sales remain high and inventory remains low at just under 700 units, the month of sales ratio is now at 6/10 of a